Medically Compromised Patients

  • Patients in Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy, Inmunodeficiencies, Anticoagulated Patients, with Cardiac Pathologies, etc.
  • High Medical Risk Patients
  • Patients with Special Needs
  • Polymedicated Patients
  • Equipment and Specialists for any Situation

Patients with Disabilities

  • Brain Paralysis
  • Neurological Syndromes
  • Senile Demetia
  • Alzheimer

We do our best to guarantee our patients their treatments,
from exploration, CT, the study, cosmetic perspective,
function, to fillings, prothesis and implants.

Nationally renowned service in the care of special patients.

Agreements with Osakidetza for the care under Sedation or General Anaesthesia.

Collaboration for the maintenance and oral care of patients
in Centres and Institutions.

Lectures on the care of disabled patients for monitors, tutors and families.

Spanish Dentistry Society’s Gold Medal for
Special and Disabled Patients. (SEOEME).

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