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FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN. We have become a centre of reference for professionals and patients in the field of ODONTOPHOBIA.

We can take care of your fears beyond of what is expected from a hospital. For example, the waiting room is similar to just sitting on your couch at home and the terrace is a chillout area. Proximity to the patients must be built from comfort and trust. We can just chat in your first appointment to know the reason and the extent of your fears.

We will show you our Department and how to treat your phobia:

  • Fear Desensitizing Technique
  • Hypnosis and Sugestion Techniques
  • Distracting Techniques (TV, sounds, HD glasses, etc.)
  • Premedication
  • Conscious or Deep SEDATION: An addictive pleasure.
  • General Anaesthesia

And watching the patient’s satisfaction after a successful treatment is incredibly rewarding.

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Pacientes con miedo pánico y fobia niños adultos dr_villandiego_odontologia_estomatologia_hospital_de_dia_quironsalud_donostia_11 copia-1
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