Reshaping the teeth: the fastest and simplest treatment

  • Sharp teeth: aggresive image
  • Long teeth: vampiric image
  • Prominent front teeth: “rabbit teeth”

Modifying the proportion: the gingival smile (“horse teeth smile”)

  • Orthodoncy + maxillofacial surgery
  • THE COMMON PROCEDURE: reshaping of the gums and alveolus with LASER

Closing spaces between teeth:

  • With orthodoncy
  • With porcellain veneers
  • THE SIMPLEST METHOD: composite filling, no anaesthesia required

Shape and alignment defects

  • Orthodoncy, either braces or “invisible”
  • Porcellain veneers

The color of the smile: WHITENING, the SUCCESSFUL ONE

  • With Laser
  • With casts with a gel to be used at home. PERFECT
  • And for those imposible cases: porcellain veneers

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