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Conservative Dentistry

Most of the illnessess of teeth and gums cause no pain until the affection becomes of such importance that the pain, the bleeding or the abscess tell us that the tooth is already lost. If taken care of with enough time in advance, the treatment for the teeth is simple, fast, non-aggresive and economical.


Composites: Together with porcellain, the most preferred material nowadays. Its properties and similarities with the teeth in color and texture make them the best cosmetic materials. The old amalgams are not used anymore and in some cases, for cosmetic or the medical reasons, these can be replaced by composite or porcellain.

Endodoncy (Removal of the Nerve)

When the cavity or the preparation for the filling reaches the pulp, it is required for the nerve “to be killed”. The correct term is endodoncy: the organic tissue around the pulp channel is cleaned, disinfected and completely sealed. The tooth stays in place but “dead”, as you cannot feel it.

Oclussion / Bite

The function of the teeth does not consist only in smiling or chewing, but also have an important role in the production of human sounds, the shape of the face (position of lips, cheeks, etc.) and the protection of the skeletal-muscle complex of the mandibular articulation.

Continual waste of the teeth could demand treatment to keep the mouth and its muscles free of symptoms and able to maintain their functionality.

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Odontología conservadora en Donostia | Dr. Ruiz VillandiegoOdontología conservadora en Donostia | Dr. Ruiz Villandiego

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