Conscious Sedation: The simplest and less demanding technique for the patient with phobia. In the same surgery, with no need of an operating room or anaesthetists, just by breathing in nitrous oxide (known as the “laughing gas”, now adapted for Dentistry use). Sedation

Deep Sedation: The perfect technique for the phobic patient, but also for complicated surgical interventions, either because of its length or high-risk medical factors. The patient is in a half-asleep state.

What patients highlight about the experience is that they “find it pleasant and very comfortable”, “would repeat” and that they do not even remember anything about the treatment.

General Anaesthesia: The perfect formula for patients that, apart from suffering odontophobia, are not willing to collaborate. It is recommended for patients that reject any kind of approach to their mouths, which mostly involves children and patients with severe disabilities.

The greatest advantage is that it allows us to perform all treatments in a single session, and even though we may spend the whole morning fixing mouth and teeth, the patients return home at noon or during the afternoon with the whole treatment finished.

We turn the operating room into a complete dental medical centre.

Every device and instrument available in Dentistry is at our disposal because we have them in our surgery and can be relocated ad-hoc in our operating room.

Every treatment available.

Laser, Microscope, Digial Radiography,
Scanner, Implants, Fillings, Mouth Cleaning, etc.

For any patient:

  • when fear and anxiety do not let you go to the dentist
  • when we cannot waste time in several appointments
  • when the pacient has a high medical risk
  • when the patient has a disability

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