Jose Cruz Ruiz Villandiego Dr Ruiz Villandiego Servicio de Odontologia y Estomatologia Hospital Quiron Donostia San Sebastian 1The mouth and the teeth are the first parts of the children to make contact with the world, and will still be fundamental for the rest of our lives. Dental or mouth mucosa problems are linked to many illnesses and also to feelings of pleasure, well-being and beauty.

Dentistry is much more than cavities. As you work in this field, you start discovering new areas of specialization, and what is more, you cannot rely on what you learned at Odontology school only and need to update your knowledge in science and technology.

This principle is what guides our working style, together with a devotion to providing the best quality of life to the people around us, to the best of our ability, through the means of a perfect and healthy mouth.

Jose Cruz Ruiz Villandiego
Head of the Dentistry and Stomatology Service
Hospital Quiron Donostia

A perfect Dental Clinic in a Hospital

We constitute the Dentistry and Stomatology Service in the Day Hospital Quirón Donostia (associated with Policlínica Gipuzkoa).
We possess all the features and technological innovations of a high-profile dental clinic and the advantages of a hospital devoted to offering quality, trust and a complete service to its patients.

As a Dental Clinic

We specialize in Conservative Dentistry (cosmetic and functional) with the best materials and cutting-edge technology (Diode Laser, ErbiumCr Laser, Digital Radiology, Intraoral Cameras, Dental Magnifying Glasses and Microscopes, Scanners for Oral Impressions, Conscious Sedation, etc.). We also practice Orthodoncy, Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in all their variants (inmediate after extractions or delayed, with inmediate prothesis, noninvasive guided surgery). We work with the best international prosthetic technicians to produce the most aesthetically pleasing and functional fixed prothesis.

As a Department in a Hospital

Working together with other departments allows us to cover the most complex treatments on the most complex patients, such as the medically compromised (cardiacs, anticoagulated, hepatics, diabetics, inmunosupressed, Alzheimer, disabilities etc.) with the comfort and assurance they require.

allowing us to offer the complete treatment in a single session
and treat people (CHILDREN OR ADULTS) with odontophobia.



We start working as a team together with Dr. Julián Cuesta and Dr. Santiago Pardo in the year 1986, in a small Dental Clinic in Arrigorriaga (Vizcaya).


The Ethics Committee of the School of Odontologists and Stomatologists of Vizcaya is assembled.


We open our own business, which is combined with an already existing position at another clinic in Beasain.



The Odonto-Stomatology Service in the Red Cross Hospital of San Sebastián becomes operative.
More specializations become integrated into our dental treatments, such as Anaesthetists, ORLs and even Acupuncture.


The first Intraoral Cameras and Treatment Simulations (DentalView) are integrated into our services, in a search of better communication with our patients. 


We are the first centre in the Basque Country to introduce the Dental Laser– Pilot Health Clinic of Training in Erbium-Yag Laser.
We assemble the Congress of the Spanish Society of Temporomandibular Pain.


We are awarded with the Gipuzkoan Chamber Award to the Best Service Company of the Year.


The Dental Microscope is incorporated.


We move to Hospital Quirón. The range of services and treatments is extended.


From this year until 2009, Dr. Ruiz Villandiego directs and presents his own health show in TeleDonosti, called ‘A Tu Salud’ (For Your Health).


The Diode Laser is incorporated for Surgery, Periodontology and Whitening.


In Germany we trained ourselves to perform Hipnosis as a dental treatment technique on patients with Odontophobia.


We organize the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Odontology for the Disabled and Special Patient.


First team in a Private Clinic with the Digital Impression System LAVA COS (3M).


The new stage of the Odontology Service begins with reforms, introduction of new Odontologists, Higienists and Assistants.
The Bad Breath Unit is created.
The Sleep Unit is created.


New Erbium CromoYag Laser, the Rolls Royce of the Dental Lasers.


Beginning of the Reforms. Construction Jobs. Creation of the ChillOut waiting room.
The team of Maxillofacial Surgeons is introduced to our services.
Introduction of the Orthodontics service


Opening of the new facilities. Performance by Javier Urquijo (Los Secretos) at the terrace.
Creation of the Facial and Jaw Pain Unit.
Dr. Ruiz Villandiego is appointed President of the SEOENE

We work in cooperation with different Centres for the Disabled and patients with Alzheimer. We devise the assistance and maintenance programs for such patients and we give formative talks for family and caretakers.

We have carried out Research Projects and collaborated in Medical Articles with other Medical Services (Radiolog / Otolaryngology / Osteopathy / Maxillofacial).

And we keep training ourselves, teaching, collaborating, etc. In short, improving.

Our surgery is located at the Hospital Quirón of San Sebastián, an avant-garde centre at the top of the different medical fields and the only one in the Basque Country with an Odontology and Stomatology Service.

We have very efficient facilities equipped with all the latest technology in the Dental field, together with the advantages of a Hospital (Medical Services of different Specialties, Laboratories, Radiology, Surgery, Emergencies, qualified Nursing staff, Assistants and Guards).

This allows us to offer a more complete and differentiated service, which makes our centre to be regarded as a reference to other Dental Clinics on many specific treatments.

The latest and most exclusive technology for dental treatment and mouth go hand-to-hand in this service that aims to invoke absolute comfort for the patient. From the reception with its “chill out” or “romantic” terrace to the smaller and cozy waiting room, patients start to experience a different perception of what is expected from “the dentist”. The access to the clinics area surprises patients one more time with its armchairs, screens and machines that projects us to the last technological frontier of Odontology.

We take care of our patients by providing them with a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Reception · Waiting Room · Terrace · Laboratory · Sterilization Room · Surgery

Virtual Visit of our Clinic

All our estimates are done with all the reasonable alternatives (ranging from the simple and conservative ones, to the more complicated and demanding) for a lasting and successful treatment.

We adapt the payment method to the treatments and the possibilities of each patient.

Facilities for payment in installments and discounts in prompt payments. We also work in collaboration with Banks that facilitate an interest-free full financing of the treatment (without the need of opening a bank account at their offices).

Do not hesitate to notify our nurses or secretary your financing priorities and possibilities.

Charity Dentistry

We give part of our time and funds back to the community in the shape of charity dental work for those who most need it.