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Dental Laser

Laser technology has various applications in Odontology. It reduces the time needed to apply the different treatments and accelerates the patient’s recovery. Since 1997, we are a KAVO Pilot Centre in Dental Laser, and have given presentations at conferences and congresses.

1. DIODE Laser

  • For gum surgery
  • For teeth whitening
  • For relieving of oral pain (BIOSTIMULATION)


For fillings

  • Less dose of anaesthesia
  • Without noise or vibrations
  • Disinfection and sterilization of surfaces
  • More adherence of filling materials

For surgery

  • Less anaesthesia
  • Less irritation and swelling
  • Better postoperative
  • Better wound healing
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Dental Microscopy

The use of the microscope in Odontology allows us a higher degree of precision and a stark improvement in the effectiveness of certain treatments.

Visualization of microscopic details

Support in diagnostics

A precise finish

Intraoral Camera

Thanks to the latest video technologies, we can visualize and explain our patients what is happening in their mouths.

Communication and Demonstration

Detailed Photos Before and After the Treatment

Motivation for the Patient

Monitoring and Documentation of Injuries

Treatment Simulation

Different techniques help us show the patient the different steps of their treatments and the expected result.

1. Digital Simulation

The perfect system to run simulations of whitening and smile aesthetics treatments.

The easiest way to understand a treatment plan.

2. Waxing and  mock-up

These are made with a plaster model in your mouth and can be recreated with composite to be later tested in it.

The most comprehensive way to physically feel a treatment plan.

Digital RX

Digital radiography provides us instantly with all the information we need for our treatments, while reducing to a minimum the exposure to radiation of our patients.

Immediate Radiography

Lower dose of radiation

More available formats to explore and diagnose

Conscious Sedation

In the Clinic’s own surgery, without the need to pay for an operating room or anaesthetists. A simple, comfortable and safe method for the patient, suitable for either kids or adults. Conscious sedation is recommended for:

Anxiety, phobia and rejection of dental treatments.

Augmented vomiting reflex

Long or uncomfortable treatments

Minimizing stress for the risk patient
(e.g. Heart Diseases, etc.)

Fast to take effect and to excrete

No postoperative effect

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Digital Scanner

A new era in Odonthology begins. With the 3D camera,
we capture all the details from a mouth, a study, a planification and a treatment.

No need for mouth paste prints

Archive of the entire history of the pacient’s mouth. Evolution of degradation. Evolution of the state of fillings and treatments

Digital design of new treatments: smile, aesthetic, implants


Faster delivery to workshops for implants and prosthesis

Clinical session studies and sharing with the pacient

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